Creating a Single Dial Morph in Daz Studio 4.7

This tutorial is for those who want to create in Daz Studio 4.7 a single dial morph for characters you have created/tweaked multiple morphs on. The aim is to use this morph in a further tutorial but you might want to just use "your" morph on a slider so you can mix it with other characters etc. Bear in mind you cant distribute the single morph you create if you use morphs created by others on your source obj file export.


1. Load your Figure, in this case Daz Genesis and apply your character preset or shape as desired

2. In the Parameters pane change your figure mesh resolution to "Base" and subdivision to "0"

3. Go to File>export  save as object

4. Use Daz Studio scale and click accept

5. Zero or Delete figure and reload base figure without any morphs dialed

6. Goto Edit>Figure>morph loader pro, click "choose morph files" and choose the obj file you exported earlier then click accept

(before clicking accept you could change the property group so that it shows up in say, shaping/Actor/Female etc but we have left it at the default "morphs/morphloader")

7. Dial up your morph to 100%

8. In Tool Settings tab go to Joint Editor, you should see the rigging in the view pane. Right click in the view pane and goto edit>Adjust rigging to shape

9. ERC Freeze - On  the main window goto Panes>Property Hierarchy.  Right Click on your figure and choose ERC Freeze

10. In the options select Node as your figure and Property. select "property",  go to "morphs" and select the one you created with morph loader, CHECK "restore Figure Rigging" (not shown in image below) and click accept. When you dial down your morph the rigging should now adjust automatically.

11. Zero your figure and make sure of it -otherwise every time you load your base figure the morph will be applied

12. Save as>Morph Asset

When you reload your figure you should now find your combined or custom morph under parameters > morphs


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