Saving Partial Poses in Daz Studio 4

This tutorial shows you how to save a partial pose created in Daz Studio 4.5 so that you can use it on another character, providing that the character base is the same eg. Genesis, Victoria 4 , Aiko etc


Step 1.

Load your character. In this case I've loaded Daz Genesis and set the morph to 100% female.

daz partial pose preset 1


Step 2.

Pose the part of your character you would like a partial pose for.

daz partial pose preset 2


Step 3.

Click on  File>Save As>Pose Preset

You can now choose where to save your pose preset file, in this case its My Library>Presets>Poses>ATutorial Files

Type a name for your pose and click save.

daz partial pose preset 3

 daz partial pose preset 4


Step 4.

If required, expand the Pose Preset Save Options window by dragging a corner out and then select genesis.

Right-click in the window next to your figure name and then select "Check Modified Only"

daz partial pose preset 5


Step 5.

Press accept and your done! You can now use your partial pose on another character whenever you desire

daz partial pose preset 6