Create Single Dial Morph Control In Daz Studio 4.9

A follow up to Creating a single dial morph in daz studio 

The previous method showed a way to create a single dial slider by exporting an obj file of a character with combined morphs and creating a new morph control with morph loader.

The following method lets you create a master slider, if you will, that will apply numerous morphs at once that you can save as a preset. This method also allows you to share your dial-spun character legally as you are just sharing the character settings (the end user would have to already own any morphs that you have used)


1. Load your figure and create your character using any number of existing morphs


2. In the Parameters section choose where you want to have your new morph control slider, right click and choose edit mode.

..then right click again and choose "Create New Property". Below I right clicked on Actor>Head - so that is where the control will appear. I put "newcharacter" as a name, changed Type to modifier/shape and set "as percent" to "No".

then click Create

3. You should now have a new slider/control. Mine is the "newcharacter" dial. Set this to full (1.00)

4. Next, right click on your new controller and choose "Erc Freeze".  As you already have all your morphs dialled in they should be shown under the property section. Deselect anything that should not be there.

5. Your new control slider should now dial-in/control all your character morph settings when slid up or down.

6. Before saving your new morph control,  in Parameters, left click active pane options(triangle and lines box, far right) and then choose zero figure. If using Genesis 3, make sure "hd mouth" and "navel" are also set to zero.

7. To save your preset goto File>SaveAs>Support Asset>Morph Asset

During n the save dialog only check you only have a tick on your new control - in other words we only want the new control selected

Click Accept.

Now, when you load the figure you will always have the morph control slider for your character available, in this case it controls the character head morphs.

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