Daz Studio Save Hair/Clothes/Jewelry as Wearable Preset

In Daz Studio you may add to your figure hair, clothes and jewelry from different sets and locations, mixing and matching things to get the look you want. 

You could just save as a scene subset, but there is a better way that when loaded again results in all items saved to be fitted to your figure and its fast - Save as a Wearable preset.

1. Load your figure, outfit parts, hair, jewelry - whatever you would like to save as a wearable(s) preset.

Below we have added hair, bracelets, a ring and a dress

2. Save your Wearable(s) Preset

Select your Figure in this case its Genesis 3 female. Then File>SaveAs>Wearable(s)Preset

Below, I have created the folder People>Genesis3Female>Wearables but you can save-to wherever makes sense to you (within your Daz library) and just named the wearable file accordingly.

3. Select items you want to save as a wearable "outfit" in the next step and click accept.

4. Loading your saved Wearable Preset

Clear your scene and load a fresh figure (should be the same generation g1, g2, g3 etc) Ive loaded Nadine for G3 from Rendo here  the white box is just to hide the ..Anatomy

And then find your saved preset and load it...

All the items that you saved as a wearable preset should load and fit-to or be parented-to your freshly loaded figure. You could hide the main figure while saving the wearable preset in a t-pose to get a better preset card if you wish.