Genesis 2 to Mudbox

If you export Daz Genesis 2 from Daz Studio and import into Mudbox you will find that all the UV's overlay each-over making it impossible to paint properly - so here's a way to bring genesis 2 in with tiled UV's ready for painting.  You will need Blender for this tutorial

1. In Daz Studio with Genesis 2 loaded, in parameters, set resolution to base and subdivision to zero.  Then export as Obj.

we're finished with Daz now until we have new textures painted


2. Open Blender and import your Genesis 2 Obj with "keep vert order" selected


3. With Genesis Selected (right Click on Genesis2) switch to edit mode and then press A or click deselect all


4. Switch to UV/image editor.  There will be nothing to see because we deselected everything just now.

Now you need some Standard Genesis 2 textures within view so that you can see which materials go on each tile in the next step, I just opened a folder containing the textures in windows file explorer and click back and to get a visual.


5. First we will do the Limbs Texture layout.  Click on the material tab and select Legs, Hands, Fingernails, Shoulders, Toenails, Forearms, Feet.  You will now see the familiar map in the UV window.

6. In the Uv tools there's a little magnet symbol you need to select to "Snap during Transform" it turns red.

After that "select all" in the uv window and then press G and then x to drag the selection (8 snaps across)

&. You can then go back to step 3-6 and do on the next map/tile, the Torso - selecting Torso, Head, Hips, Neck, Nipples, Ears which you will drag 16 snaps (sorry I haven't looked into changing the snap to size in Blender yet!)

Repeat process for the face map (Lips, Nostrils, Face)  and then eyes and mouth maps if required

9. With Genesis selected in Object mode file>export as Wavefront obj

10. When you load his into Mudbox, switch to UV view and you will see the UV tiled and be able to paint properly


To load existing textures refer to previous tutorial