Importing Genesis3 textures in Mudbox

Might be that you want to use some textures for Genesis 3 to improve or ruin in mudbox.

Might be some merchant resource textures or maybe the default Genesis 3 textures you want to change for a render, add a little something here and there...

Well, if like me your new to Mudbox you cant see an easy way. Loading an fbx doesn't seem to tile the uv's so I've been importing as an obj.  In mudbox, clicking on UV view then shows all the separate map areas and after creating a paint layer you can paint across seams very well.

But we want to have our Genesis3 with a base skin already applied so we can mess with it disgracefully and maybe add other layers

So (and if there's a simpler way, ah yeah gods let me know and I'll post it) here we go...

1. Export Genesis 3 as an Obj from Daz Studio

2. Import said obj into mudbox

3. Use a large brush with colour and roughly paint all over Genesis

4. Now with your paint layer selected, click on he little chevron (top mid right) and choose export selected

5. Choose a base name prefix and a format thats the same as the textures you want to load later instead of your roughly painted guides - create a folder or navigate and click save.

6. Mudbox will now export the separate maps you will temporarily need, the guide textures -in my case I only  actually need the first 4, the skin as eyes and the rest can be done in a 2d graphics program

7. Copy your target textures to the folder you exported your guide files to and change the names of your target textures to that of the guide textures (the first 4 for outer skin) I just click on the guide texture to rename but instead copy the filename, then delete the guide texture and paste when renaming the target texture.

That's why we painted the model in mudbox first you see, so we have a visual of what's getting replaced if you have bad memory like me.

8. Back in mudbox, load your genesis 3 obj and create a layer and then right click on it and choose "import layer" navigate to your target texture folder and select the first texture image (mine ends in u1v1.tif)

ohh .......And then the magic happens, it loads all the other textures to the right tiles in your UV space

I recommend saving your textured Genesis 3 as a mud file at this stage + after painting export the textures with a different prefix name.

Well that's what I've been doing... until I found that after the first time, if the file format is the same, I only have to rename the  end of the textures eg. like this for a texture set called bonkers in  .tif format

Head/face - bonkers_u1_v1.tif

Torso - bonkers_u2_v1.tif

Legs - bonkers_u3_v1.tif

Arms - bonkers_u4_v1.tif