Room prop for daz studio

A quick room prop for your scenes. Separate walls/everything.  Use as you wish ;-)

Click here to download

Once installed find in Props>Slipknot3d

Rowing Boat for Daz Studio

Rowing Boat freebie for Daz Studio

Use the Nulls that are parented to the boat to rotate the oars.  Rough rowing pose included for Genesis 8. Parent G8 to boat after applying ;-)

Download this Rowing Boat for Daz Studio here

I used the awesome WTP ocean shader (Will Timmins Procedural Shaders) on a plane primitive in the above render. Just rendered with and without and used photoshop to delete the inner boat water.

*Model updated 27 May 2022 to fix mesh sticking through the bottom... and nobody wants that to happen ;-)

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Lamp01 free prop for Daz Studio

Lamp freebie for Daz Studio

 To use your own texture for the shade just change the diffuse and translucency image + colour

update: use the separate cable for now and set it to a high resolution ;-)

updated update : should be ok now

Downloadeth it right here