Render Blender Fluid Simulations in Daz Studio

You can now render your Blender fluid animations in Daz Studio iray or 3delight with a new script from mCasual!


Just export your simulation as an .obj sequence then use the script mcjObjBasedAnim

The test below shows 250 frame (render size originally 2400 x 1635 pixel) animation rendered in Daz Studio (iray) which took about 2 hours to render. The grid resolution in blender fluid sim was set at 250 so the last and largest .obj the script loaded = Vertices : 37,132 Triangles : 74,260  Total Faces : 74,260

Of course the script can import other object sequences...

Also check out mcjObjsToMorphingProp  that creates morphs from an obj sequence and animates them in Daz Studio so can be used for bringing things such as cloth sims or an animated Blender ocean into daz