AWS Iray Server Rendering

Continuing with the Amazon Web Services rendering tests

Network rendering from Daz Studio - This time it's Iray Server on AWS using...


G2.2xlarge instance - 1 GK104 GPU 4GB(from GRID K520), 8 vCPU's (from Xeon E5-2670 cpu's) 15GB Ram

C4.8xlarge instance - 36 vCPU's (from Xeon E5-2666 v3 Haswell CPU's) 60GB Ram

G2.8xlarge instance - 4 GK104 GPU 4GB (Grid K520), 32 vCPU's (from Xeon E5-2670 cpu's) 60GB Ram

P2.xlarge instance1 GK210 GPU 12 GB (from nvidia K80), 4vCPU's (from Xeon E5-2686v4 CPU's) 61GB Ram

P2.8xlarge instance - 8 GPU's 12 GB (from nvidia K80's), 32 vCPU's (from Xeon E5-2686v4 cpu), 488 GB Ram

The Test Scene is a Benchmark posed by SickleYield on the Daz Forum although I did not delete any spheres in these tests.

The finished render (scaled down) below...


AWS G2.2xlarge instance - 21 minutes

AWS C4.8xlarge instance - 9 minutes 55 seconds

AWS G2.8xlarge instance - 6 minutes  45 seconds (note. 1 of the 4  GPU's would not work)

AWS P2.xlarge instance   - 8 minutes

AWS P2.8xlarge instance - 1 minutes 14 seconds

Note. Once the iray server was set up on the Instance, the scene took a about 4 minutes to upload from DAZ STUDIO to the server before rendering to the times above. My upload speed is around 7MB/s