Render Blender Fluid Simulations in Daz Studio

You can now render your Blender fluid animations in Daz Studio iray or 3delight with a new script from mCasual!


Just export your simulation as an .obj sequence then use the script mcjObjBasedAnim

The test below shows 250 frame (render size originally 2400 x 1635 pixel) animation rendered in Daz Studio (iray) which took about 2 hours to render. The grid resolution in blender fluid sim was set at 250 so the last and largest .obj the script loaded = Vertices : 37,132 Triangles : 74,260  Total Faces : 74,260

Of course the script can import other object sequences...

Also check out mcjObjsToMorphingProp  that creates morphs from an obj sequence and animates them in Daz Studio so can be used for bringing things such as cloth sims or an animated Blender ocean into daz


Daz to Blender | 3ds Max | Maya | Cinema 4d Bridges released

Daz 3D have started releasing models in native file formats for Blender, Maya, Cinema 4d and 3dsMax. They've also released bridges to each software making it easier than ever to export from Daz Studio for use in your preferred 3d application.

Daz studio pro is currently free along with the base human figures, Genesis 8 male and Genesis 8 female. The store has numerous detailed characters available and with Daz morph packs it's easy to create your own custom character within Daz Studio before exporting.
With many models being released in native file formats you are able to open them directly if preferred and I expect the number of models that are available as such will increase as time goes on.

Super fast free image sequence preview player

I often render a series of images in Daz Studio so that if the software crashes at some point I can just start rendering from the last frame.

Instead of having to load a heavy video editing program just to get a preview of how it looks I now use DJV imaging, a free video/image player that can easily be used just for that.

Running it on windows, just browse to the folder, load the first image, press play and the sequence plays. It supports high res images and videos and the interface is straight forward.  ..and a scroll-mouse zoom too!  Just what I wanted ;-) download it here -

Particle Illusion Standalone now free

Particle illusion standalone version from Boris FX is now available for free

Once downloaded installed there is an in-app link to download MANY cool extra particle effects.

You can animate the cg effects in the standalone version and render to Mp4 format, up to ultra-HD resolution to composite with other video footage

Does require a site sign-up but I think it's well worth it for so many free cool particle effects!

Grab it here -

3D Model Haven is coming!

Greg Zaal creator of HDRIHAVEN.COM has announced the launch of a new site..  will feature free 3d content all made available under a Creative commons Zero license CC0, which means the models can be used by anybody, in any way, commercially or otherwise.
The site will be funded through and has been awarded a $10,000 start up grant
"Epic Games has given us $10k to work on the initial content for 3D Model Haven.  This will cover a few months of full time work on the site and the models, as well as allow us to acquire models from other artists to diversify the content and make it worth your attention at launch."

you can visit here or view 3dmodelhaven's Patreon page here