digidotz update

Seems I can either update the site, leave as-is and pay extra maintenance or start over. I still haven't decided because starting over I will loose the little traffic I get from web links, updating may be more work than expected and paying extra is barely possible. I will start uploading more freebies shortly and only ask that you click through on some relevant ads every now and then so that I can keep the site going. Thank you to all that have done so ;-)

More HDRI Haven

Shout out to HDRI Haven

Such a great resource!  I've noticed there are now backplates available to use with quite a few of the HDRI's (maybe there were before) ;-)

visit https://hdrihaven.com/ here

Free backgrounds added

Five Cloth/curtain effect backgrounds added..


Print your Art!

I was thinking of getting some renders printed and thought I'd share the experience right here.  This is part advert as I am struggling a little to support the site and need some ad revenue every now and again.

I have found a printing company affiliate 1ClickPrint that have favourable reviews (from what I can see) but the proof is in the pudding, so next week I shall order my 1 click print! I will post my review here ;-)


New Character on the Way