3D Model Haven is coming!

Greg Zaal creator of HDRIHAVEN.COM has announced the launch of a new site..

https://3dmodelhaven.com  will feature free 3d content all made available under a Creative commons Zero license CC0, which means the models can be used by anybody, in any way, commercially or otherwise.
The site will be funded through Patreon.com and has been awarded a $10,000 start up grant
"Epic Games has given us $10k to work on the initial content for 3D Model Haven.  This will cover a few months of full time work on the site and the models, as well as allow us to acquire models from other artists to diversify the content and make it worth your attention at launch."

you can visit hdrihaven.com here or view 3dmodelhaven's Patreon page here

Daz Platinum Club Mega Sale

Don't let the Daz Platinum Club Anniversary 2019 Mega Sale pass you by!

Today's pack includes Eight items shown above (worth a total of $131.60) for just $3.49

While you're at it you can also grab "Creepy Curios" for free - Creepy Curious


Corel Painter 2019 for $25 offer!

I'm excited to share this fantastic offer where you can get your virtual hands on Corel Painter 2019 for just $25 :-)

I'm getting it myself after watching many videos of what you can do with it.  It seems to me like the ideal way to give a different look to 3d renders, mainly for (no surprises here) the painted look.  I have software such as Dynamic auto painter which is also very cool for this kind of thing but really want more control with the ability to actually digitally paint over base renders using different brushes.

Check the offer on humblebundle.com here - Corel Painter 2019 for $25 (usually price is around $350 on amazon etc + you also get Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate video editor included in the price!) -offer ends 09 October 2019- ;-)

Blender 2.80 released!

Well, it's here :-)

With a slick new interface, super fast Eevee renderer, a greatly enhanced grease Pencil + more tools and gizmos than you can poke a stick at ...Blender 2.80 has finally arrived!


Amazing $2.99 Sale at Daz3d

Amazing sale going on at Daz3d at time of writing this! Many items are temporarily "Platinum Club" this week and cost just $2.99 if you are a member.

I bought the Earth for just $2.99! Planet Earth UTRA HD 32K for Iray Daz Studio ...but hurry as the items change daily ;-)

That's a quick render. I just loaded it and hit render as I was so happy to get it for that price lol