Morph3D - MCS 1.6 and Artist Tools Free have released Morph Character System (MCS) and Artist Tools free for a limited time.

The MCS 1.6 lets you create characters for use in Unity Game Engine. You can also change clothing, hair, accessories and weapons  which will adapt to your character, should their shape change at anytime.

Morph3d have a fantastic team of artists creating content (many who also publish at which is great, but now, with the ArtistTool's being released, there's nothing stopping anyone from creating their own niche content for unity games that use MCS

Unity is a game Engine (like UE4) There is nothing to stop it being used artistically but for anyone reading that is just interested in getting started with 3d art should try DAZ STUDIO and Blender 3d

Aikodotz Outburst

Messing around with Daz Mimic lite, MaryTTS engine and a lil 80's music

There are clearer voices included (or for free download) with MaryTTS, the whole program is free here

Chatbot's Get Together

I am trying to build a chatbot on botlibre

BOTLIBRE has a battleground for bots ready to go. It's an entertaining (I am easily amused) way to study mistakes and then change things to get a better chatbot (hopefully) You can also upload video of custom characters that you create in daz studio


 Its free so worth a try...



Mimic Lite for Daz Studio Revisited

Thought I'd check out Mimic Lite again which I haven't tried since installing windows 10 a while back. Some newer users to Daz Studio may not have used or heard of it, so here we are...

Mimic Lite runs fine on windows 10 and although you cant use it with newer figures (as is), you can use Victoria 4, Aiko 3 and a few other older figures that you may have installed along with Daz Studio (which is still free)

The program takes a vocal audio file and creates an auto lip-sync animation that also adds eye blinks, head and eyebrow movements.  You save the animation file created and apply in Daz studio to your Character.

Mimic Lite is available here

Daz Studio Obj Export Import Presets Scripts

Calm Down! Silent (ish) Obj export/import presets for Daz Studio 4.9.3 for faster export ready for Blender - I don't know if they work in earlier versions

Poser and Daz Scale included so far. The exporters only export the selected item in these versions so you don't have to hide other things in you scene. You do still have to set mesh resolution to base/subdivision zero unless you want to export the subdivided version. I deleted some settings for the daz obj export version to make it export at Daz Scale - know ..see how it goes. I disabled textures/material library as I just wanted the obj's for morphing


*Added 10% scale for a comfortable working scale in blender

These are actually the example scripts you can find at  with some settings changed.  You can edit these and save versions with your own settings as there are quite a few options you can change

Download here unzip to your Daz Library eg Studio>My Library

Uber-Sci Shaders