Sketchy Toon Edge Shader for Daz Studio

Sketchy Toon art Shaders for Daz Studio.

If you've wanted to try making renders look like a sketches directly in Daz Studio I think the Sketchy Toon Edge and Art Shaders for Iray look pretty decent. I bought them yesterday and you can see my first attempt below which I think though not great, isn't too bad and I look forward to messing around with it!

With 330 Presets (including modifiers) available you can add outlines and crosshatch shading quite easily to create non-photo realistic art renders Read more on DAZ3d

Coming soon for Daz Studio

Hello, with the addition of d-force to Daz Studio I'm not going forward with Marvelous Designer at this time as I can't justify the cost. I have tried it though and like it a LOT!

My next freebies will be some clothes that use d-force and I'll continue to post other bits and bobs ;-)

New freebie watch added

New freebie watch here

Genesis 8 Female LIE Stockings

Some Layered image editor Stockings for Daz Genesis 8 Female. 

Good if you want to add more legwear over the top.

To Download G8F Lie Stockings cliketh here

Animated plane Particles for Daz Studio

Kind of a test freebie. I used blender to make some animated planes/panes and used the great mcjAnimObjsToMorphs script from to import animation morphs into daz studio. The little plane is uv mapped


Load BoidsAnimated (its not animated) Then select it and add the animated pose preset (which is actually an shaping preset)

Let me know if any problems on the daz forum here

Download Animated planes prop for daz studio here

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